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Filename Max Payne Cinema
Filesize 142,957Kb
56K ~477 Minutes, 512K ~40 Minutes, 1024K ~22 Minutes
Author The Silver (View All Files By The Silver)
Date Added Sunday, January 10th 2010
Downloads 870
Average User Rating
Description Max Payne Cinema MOD v1.0 by The Silver

Hi to all, I decided to share with the comunity this old mod that I made only for myself. It's inspired by the Max Payne official movie and it contains a lot of cool features:

New HUD icons

New Menu images

Difficulty increased a little due to the increased relistic damages

Slowmotion tweaked, but not infinite

New Decals

New Menu Music and SlowMotion Music (Marilyn Manson - If I was Your Vampire - Instrumental)

Replaced some Background Musics of the original game with the Max Payne Movie Soundtrack

New Shootdodges from Katana Mod

Tweaked Original Shootdodges (at the end you can stay on the ground for a few seconds)

New SawedOff reload anim (quick one handed reload)

New PumpShotgun reload anim (one handed reload, very movie-like)

New Beretta reload (speed reload)

New darker Max Payne Skin

New Skins for the dead enemies

Replaced Grenade explosion sound

Some new weapons sounds

New Dual DesertEagle weapon

New Dual SawedOff weapon

New MP5A1 weapon

New Dual MP5K weapon

Replaced Beretta Model (model from MP2 Mods, ultra detailed)

Replaced ColtCommando Skin (darker and more detailed)

Replaced DesertEagle Skin (more detailed)

Replaced Grenade Model (ultra detailed)

Replaced Ingrams Models (ultra detailed)

Replaced Jackhammer Skin (darker and more detailed)

Replaced Molotov Model (ultra detailed)

Replaced PumpShotgun Skin (darker and more detailed)

Replaced SawedOff Skin (darker and more detailed)

Replaced Sniper Skin (darker and more detailed)

Tweaked Shooting Parameters

Real Weapon Names


S.M.M  Review Made on Mar 7th 2011, 10:30pm

a pretty awesome good x2 nice stuff
AntiEvil1  Review Made on Feb 10th 2011, 01:44pm

Nice mod
@ The_silver
You can read ideas in my head?))))))))))))))))
JOHNRKO007  Review Made on Dec 11th 2010, 02:03am

I played this mod for no more then 10 minutes...... and already I'm in LOVE with it!

Great Mod Altogether!

Love the Max Payne MM Theme for both menu and Bullet Time, Regenerating Bullet Time..... Perfect!
Pachira  Review Made on Oct 14th 2010, 06:38am

Good mod, but I wish it were in english.
JimmyCognitti  Review Made on Sep 7th 2010, 04:16am

This mod makes the game look and work a lot better without changing it in a drastic/outrageous way. It's still Max Payne, and that's certainly good.

Great mod!
DaSmart1  Review Made on Jan 19th 2010, 11:12pm

A bunch of little subtle touches that add up to make the game a lot better.
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